Social Art Box creates a bridge between “What can I do?” and action. 

Art serves as a way to process and manifest emotions. During turbulent times it provides symbols and icons for people to gather around and talk about. Art helps us plug into the significance of an event in a different way. Social Art Box is a subscription service that will help people turn art into action. Social Art Box creates a bridge between “What can I do?” and action. 

Subscribers receive a fine art print that relates to anti-racism. The print is accompanied with information and resources to help people understand the topic. Social Art Box also includes 4 actions and 4 affirmations. The actions are steps that can be taken to help you be an anti-racist. The affirmations are designed to uplift Black people. White and non-black people of color are encouraged to give the affirmations to Black people. Black people are encouraged to pass the actions along to white people and non-black people of color interested in becoming allies to Black folks. 25% of the profits from Social Art Box will go to support Black artists and organizations. 

Social Art Box was created by Nikki Brooks and Amena Johnson. Nikki is an artist whose work focuses on social justice and activism. Amena is a non-profit leader and trainer specializing in social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Nikki and Amena are approached by white people asking, “What can I do about racism?” Together they came up with a service that uses art to help white people answer their questions while also affirming black people and supporting their organizations. Amena and Nikki believe that art can serve as a bridge to a more just and equitable world. 

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