Who is Social Art Box For?

Social Art Box is geared towards white people. White folks often ask, “What can I do?” when it comes to issues of race. We created Social Art box to help white people take actionable steps toward antiracism. 

Should Black people subscribe to Social Art Box?

Absolutely! Black folks are encouraged to subscribe. The affirmations are designed to uplift black folks. A subscription to social art box will support black artists and organizations. 

What should Black people do with the action cards? 

Pass them along to a white person. In the same way white folks can give a black person an affirmation we encourage Black people to give white folks actions. No need to feel obligated to discuss the action with them, just pass it along and encourage them to do their research or subscribe to Social Art Box. 

Should non-black people of color subscribe to Social Art Box? 

Yes! While some topics will focus primarily on white supremacy all the information will be geared toward understanding how to end anti-blackness. Non-black people of color can also benefit from many of the affirmation in Social Art Box. 

What makes you qualified to do this?

 Nikki Brooks is an artist whose work focuses on social justice and activism. She has an MFA in Studio Art from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Nikki has been an art teacher for 17 years. Dr. Amena Johnson is a non-profit leader and trainer specializing in social justice, diversity, and inclusion. She currently works in higher education and has been doing social justice work for 20 years. Amena has a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership.

Why profit from this work? 

Often Black people are asked by white people how they can be better allies to Black people. Anti-racism work is exhausting. It requires a level of emotional labor that can be just as traumatizing as racism. If black people are going to inform white people about being anti-racist they should be paid. They should be paid because this work is labor and for centuries Black people in the US were not paid for their labor. Keep in mind that 25% of the profits from Social Art Box go to help black run organizations helping black people in the community. 

How large are the prints?

Each print will be 4×6 or 5×7. Sizes will vary depending on the dimensions of the original artwork.

What is a giclee print?

Giclee is a digitally-reproduced fine art print. Giclée fine art printing provides a luminosity and brilliance that represents the artist’s original artwork better than any fine art reproduction technique available today. 

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